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Add a characterless space:


Add a tab:


Inserts a newline character (/n):


Inserts a meta characters:

{.meta-left} and {.meta-right}


This applies to writing predicates with arguments. The delimiter will be the first character after the predicate. This is helpful when there is a space character in one of your arguments.


{.equal?:fooBar:"Foo Bar"}

JSONT Code Commenting

Hello {# Comment} There

Metacharacter Customization

<%.meta-left%>Hello<%.meta-right%> = HTML: <%Hello%>.

Includes (or, something like includes)

can use custom formatters to load templates that use the data within the defined variable formatters that start with '%' load template files. Discussed in Andy Chu's article, On Design Minimalism


If Statements (extension)

Creates a section that is displayed if "if" test returns true (truthy conditions = true || has-value) NOTE: Does not constrain scope.

{.if property.nestedProperty} Hello World {.end}

You can use the {.or} statement to handle failed test cases (just like an else statement)

Debug Context

{.Debug?}Rendered in 3 seconds{.end} { "debug" : true|false }